About us

Construction has always been the core of future developments in our lives. We understand the value of this core factor in a diversified manner. As one of the leading construction companies for Quality, Health, Safety & Environment in Nigeria, Energy Line International Limited is a dynamic organization that has prospered by being responsive to the needs of its clients. We are a proficient and experienced construction entity with the necessary specialist skills, knowledge and financial stability for constructing major projects. We have built our client relationships based on trust and the ability to produce positive results. We emphasize on creating an efficient and coherent organization – a strategy that is critical to our success as a company towards achieving higher growth. We supply both construction and industrial related materials and also provide related value– added processing services through our various operating divisions and distribute them to reputable developers and contractors in Nigeria.
We clearly understand that the human resources form one of our key assets, which is why we embarked on a conscientious effort to promote our core values. We advocate “Teamwork”, “Professionalism”, Continuous Improvement” and “Integrity”, all of which are of paramount importance to the company’s overall objective. Moreover, through the powerful synergy of our core values, we look forward to giving birth to a win-win situation with a cumulative effort of our staff and partners.
The future will only be as good as we build it. By constantly raising our performance and surpassing yesterday’s standards of service and seeking new opportunities regardless of the obstacles, we have set out on a journey that knows no end to maintain and raise the standards of excellence in the works we undertake. We would have it no other way than pride, passion, performance, today we are acknowledged as a company that continues to empower Nigeria, enabling the nation to surge ahead in different core sectors. At the heart of all our development efforts is the attempt to touch and improve the quality of life of people across the length and breadth of the country.